Noteworthy ~  Acknowledgment

Praise and Glory to Our Lord God

Within your framework there is “Greatness You Should Know”, . . .

You are Created Uniquely and Divinely in three parts


*   SPIRIT ~ SOUL ~  BODY   *



Your Creator

Genesis 1:27

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.


1 Thessalonians 5:23  

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of  our Lord Jesus Christ.


Psalms 119:73     .

Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn thy commandments.          

Giving Him All The Glory


~  We Are  ~

Fashion Design House & Beyond

” You were Created by Intricate Design “



Acknowledging the beauty of our created planet, as we walk in our Divine Stewardship. Supporting environmental awareness, species conservations globally and beyond within our communities.

Our Business Presence Stands on A Righteous Foundation:

The Word of God ~ As we stand on the Foundation of Truth in the Living Word of God and Creation; we will follow His Word within our stewardship as related in ( Genesis 1:27-28 ) while governing, we are helping to aid in support of Earth issues.

Fashion Design House & Beyond (FDH&B) - We are an online presence with a community perspective in supporting community awareness of local and global environmental issues and initiatives. FDH&B seeks to be a strong supporter in stance of Earths species and animal conservations through Divine Stewardship.

Making a reference for going ( Beyond ). Here at Fashion Design House, it is the core strength and length of one's journey surpassing all of our initiative's alongside all your endeavors. FDH&B will highlight and support the gifts, talents and aspiration of others displaying positive Stewardship roles within our related fields. We are local in NYC communities with a Statewide presence.

** Fashion Design House and is the online Parent site for its Youth Awareness Platform - Designer Kidz and ( DK&B ) and Fashion Design House and Beyond

Women With Voices…My Voice Shall Be Heard:

Women With Voices… My Voice Shall Be Heard is the business entity and affiliate literary agent of all it's websites presented above (On and Offline). While on it's websites may be presented also as Woman With Voices…

Our goal:

To reach everyone in speaking out to have a Stewards Heart fulfilling God's Will in the Earth. We stand on the Foundation of the Living Word of God and Creation in our Stewardship as reviled in ( Genesis 1:27-28 ) . We are a Great Light to be seen on a Hill, let us travel on the narrow path in His Truth.


One God Heavenly Father Creator of the Heavens and Earth. Belief in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Are One. The Living Word found in scripture is Truth, good for daily living and guidance for All of mankind, let it have overflow in our daily lives and generations to come as we govern the Earth. As we stand in Covenant with Our Lord God unto salvation in Jesus ~ Amen

Mission Statement of Belief : Let our Mission Statement of Belief serve as also in prayer.

Our Mission Statement is found in our Stewardship of belief; in that the Word of God is Truth, and that of His Word and His Will for mankind. Let it guide and prosper in our deeds upon the Earth as Stewards and as it is revealed to others in doing His Will daily that will bring Him Glory. As we go forth in this path may everyone have Great Joy in Celebrating as Stewards. In Jesus Name ~ Amen

Mission Statement Of Activity:

Engaging our communities on an Environmental Journey through awareness, to support sustainable cities and global initiatives that will cultivate change within our city walls. Help Develop skills sets in others for Community support for animal conservations. Dutiful enlighten the Gifts and Talents of others within our Steward initiatives.

Celebrating Creation:

Celebration of Creation is a step towards touching the hearts of not just our children but everyone. Today more than ever, children should know that it is their Divine Right to acknowledge the Created Earth they live on.

So much joy awaits them when they can observe and look at Creation with a child like faith, for so many of them will discover wisdom and character as never before and be truly Amazed and Astounded at what God has Created. It is imperative for all children to be able to experience a rewarding enlightenment, one of great Joy within their livelihood, as in their understanding of the basic bible principle in ( Genesis 1: 27-28 ) and then even more of God's Word in scriptures as they grow

Loving His Covenants:

In God's Divine Love, Wisdom and Will - will be the keeping of His Covenants all special Awards Gifting of a Service, or as it maybe Church related in nature provided by our business entity or online websites presence, platform as such, that falls under an original Godly Covenant we will not deviate from it but, it shall remain as what God has given it to mankind to be. In His Grace Keeping it Holy keeping it Real ~ Amen

Weekly Devotionals:

Fashion Design House & Beyond's Devotional page of scripture & prayer are a presence for families - and in uplifting our communities.