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Bear Mountain State Park in Bear Mountain, N.Y.  located in the scenic mountains of Rockland County N.Y. right on the West side of the Historic Hudson River. 

Bear mountain is  named due to its unique features, looking across the Hudson River at a distant, its profile remarkably  resembles  that of a bear lying down.

This beautiful Park sits on  5,205 acres and is loved by many. The park is open year round with plenty of seasonal activities. From swimming & boating to cross country skiing and ice skating, and more there are fun fill activities for everyone to enjoy.  Designed for individuals, families, and large groups, to come and experience a day of fun and take in their park amenities and great lodging which hosts Conference Centers and Events.

Play time fun can be found on the playground, ride the merry -go- round and find more activities at the playing fields, go fishing, boating or even go swimming. Take in a bit of nature and just pass the time away “bird watching”

Explore one of the many nature trails and view the waterfalls while hiking.  Did you know there are a whapping 50 known Hiking trails  to venture on. Let’s not forget the spectacular view from the Perkins Memorial Tower with its breath taking view of the Hudson Highlands, and Harriman State Park’s surrounding views.

Don’t forget to visit the Parks Trailside Museums and zoo’s which are native to New York States. Set aside time to experience the Rich History of the park visiting the History Museum learn how Native Americans occupied the land in its early days and the European Settlers that came to America. At the Geology Museum unearth knowledge of the formation of the highlands past, and its presence today. Want to find out about people and animals from the area? Then just walk into the Nature Study Museum an learn all about it and how to identify certain animals. The Herpetology house is where you can find reptiles, fish, turtles, salamanders, and take in the nature of it all. By mapping out your day your sure to engage many fun fill activities.