Earth’s Canvas

 There are many forests in the United States waiting to be explored.  Here are just a few that make up the beautiful landscape we see on earth.   Photos above left to right


Red Wood National Forest: The Red Wood National Forest in Humboldt County, follows along the coast of northern California. The beautiful Redwood trees also span across three State Parks, Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, in Del Norte County California. This National Forest is regarded as a timeless Temperate Rain Forest, rooted in it’s mists is the Hyperion Redwood the tallest tree on the planet.

Big Horn National Forest: Blue warm open skies sets a panoramic view of Big Horn National Forest  in Sheridan Northern, Wyoming with  over 1.1 million acres of mainly lodgepole pine, some, species of spruce, fir and aspen. Big horn was created as a U.S. Forest Reserve in 1897.

Petit Jean State Park: Breathtaking cliff views of Petit Jean State Park can be found in Conway County Arkansas, sitting on 3471 acres. Much of the areas natural  geological form has remained untouched by early french explorers. Walking along the streams, ravines, and vistas in the forest is a true treasure. A legend of a story foretold lends a touch of beauty and romance to the parks name sake, Petit Jean and her beloved fiance.

Holly Springs National Forest: The lush Pine trees are a backdrop that mirrors a reflection of beauty, at Holly Springs National Forest located in North Central Mississippi. With 155,000 acres of hard woods and uplands within a set boundary, Holly Springs also features 530,000 acres of private wetlands.

The scenic view of Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is one to behold. With a total of 4,030,006 acres, The National Preserves is compromised of 1,410,293 acres, and 2,619,713 of National Park acreage.  Alaska is home to two active volcanos, 3 National Wild Rivers, as well as being noted as a National Land Mark.  Many plant species, mammals, birds and fish round out beautiful Alaska.

Our beautiful canyons are a sight to behold.   photos left to right.  The Wave Sand Stone, Arizona desert.  Horse shoe Bend Grand Canyon, Colorado River,  Bryce Canyon, Utah USA.

buttermilk falls2
buttermilk falls 3
Buttermilk Falls
buttermilk falls 4

 Featured Photos  left to right.   Taughannock Falls  State Park can be found in Trumansburg, New York in Tompskins County.  An eye catching 215 foot water fall sits on 750 acres of scenic park land. Along the Taughannock Creek two additional waterfalls can be seen and a 20 foot cascade. Two trails lead to overlook  the magnificent views of the parks water falls.

Named for it’s churning waters and frothy foam appearance is Butter Milk Falls State Park, located in Ithaca New York . The parks 164 acres where gifted by Robert and Laura Treman in 1924. Through years of state acquisitions, the park has grown to 811 acres in total featuring 10 eye catching waterfalls.

Letchworth State Park Castile, NY is great place to visit. In 2015 Letchworth State Park was voted for Best Choice Award in USA Today. Many call it the Grand Canyon of the East Coast. If you love waterfalls, the park has the tallest waterfall in the State, which sits on its 14,427 acres along with three waterfalls and 600 foot cliffs that’s sure to amaze. Great lodging and seasonal activities are within reach.

Stony Brook State Park can be found in Dansville, NY

If rugged gorges are what you love this State Park has it, take in the scenic beauty of the trails the gorges offer, as you gaze your sight along its 3 major waterfalls and stunning cliffs that tower through the woodlands. A hiker’s dream can be found to be fruitful and very challenging. There are very many actives for everyone. Stony Brook State Park is a park that is loved from generation to generation.

Bear Mountain State Park is located in Rockland County, New York. This is a beautiful park that is frequently visited by many in the surrounding and New York City area. The park features year round recreational activities.  Family outings are a big summer hit for New Yorker’s.  Several schools and community organizations that plan their visit, are more often centered on fun and educational participation.

Today many are encouraged to visit, and partner in supporting all our U.S. State Parks, Conservation and National Forestry efforts.  Our compassion will lead us in finding ways to help preserve our planets resources, ecosystems, species and in protecting our water systems.

What are some of your favorite Parks ?  Are they local, regional, or global ?