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           Cultivating our journey in Divine Wisdom and Love
We are Ambassadors of Truth, . . .

Strengthening our awareness of Environmental issues local and global. Strive to be an elite strong supportive front for animal conservations, wildlife and earths species on a broad perspective. Walk in paths to address U.N. challenges and take part of potential youth programs.Highlight our field initiatives and the talent and gifts of others.


6894962 – a veiled chameleon is taking a photograph of a butterfly.6894962 – a veiled chameleon is taking a photograph of a butterfly.

VIEW ON- Conservations, Local community awareness and featured videos.EXPLORE– Funweekends, animation, trivia, games and more. TECH SPEAKS – Catching up on the latest tech has to offer future concepts. NATURE UP CLOSE– Up close with nature as it really looks from a different angle.

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Details for the Special Feature Short Story Book on Creation will be given in 2019-2020. Final Registration, including Date and Time Designer Kidz Members will participate on their website, view Parents-Guardians Exclusive Website at - fashiondesignhouseandbeyondpp.site

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Currently Membership is for the NYC Area. Introduction for other states will be offered in 2020.

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Interested individuals should read the DK&B Membership package and Parent/Guardian Notes to make sure that you would like to signup your children. The (Registering Parent-Guardian) will be the sole person responsible for the account and guidelines. (Refer to Home page Policy ) for Parental Registration Guidelines. Visit our Parent -Guardian website at: ( fashiondesignhouseandbeyondpp.site ) Date to-be-posted on the New Parents site to Officially complete the Early Registration Process.
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What’s In The Membership Package


Membership Package (12 months)

One Account Holds 6 memberships for ages (9-16yrs)


Stewardship Awareness of Creation:

We Invite children to read Genesis 1:1-31

DK&B Stewardship Awareness journey is with : Genesis 1:28.

We will adhere to other scriptures on a Sunday school level, along “basic” simple references on animals, some  from the book of Noah, Psalms and other potential related scriptures in caring for animals and environment including acknowledging God’s Free Gift of eternal life.

~ ~ ~
  1. Acquant DK&B Members in animal/species conservation awareness, age appropriate safe campaign ideas, acknowledgement and participation online. Outlining steps for campaigning, getting involved offline
  2. Local Community involvement awareness of special events in NYC
  3. Group activity with our online Global Initiatives. Raise awareness of current U.N. Youth Programs
  4. Gain better experiences, in becoming a young citizen scientist
  5. Come alive and have fun exploring the wonderful world of biomimicry
  6. Breaking ground with sustainable resources – fashion,Textiles, productivity and beauty industry
  7. Logistics the connection of future Tech, people, and the world of animation
  8. DK&B Field Initiatives- Printable DK&B member certificate:  Beyond The Journey
  9. Engage Genesis 1:28 in Our Stewards Journey

***DK&B online Membership at this time is currently for youths in NYC.  As we grow be sure to join us as we branch out State Wide

Note Worthy:

We are building on the foundation of the Kingdom of the LORD let’s be mindful of what this means. Children are a gift from God. Our Creator says Parents are to teach their children the (way to go) in Acknowledging God. The Truth of His Word reveals mankind’s presence in the earth, in doing His Will and fulfilling the plans of God. Your children are the future generation the Creator will use for His plans and He wants a (quiver full) … who know, love Him, His ways, Character and Nature, that He may send them out into the world.

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** Special note to Parents if you or your children have questions concerning scripture, we request for you to consult with your, Christian Community Bible base House of Worship. Respectfully Fashion Design House & Beyond

       Designer Kidz & Beyond


Our Stewardship Journey


  • 1. Engage Genesis 1:28 -animal, environment, scripture ref.
  • 2. Species Conservation Awareness
  • 3. Community Involvement Special Events NYC
  • 4. Group Activity, Global Initiatives, U.N. Youth Awareness
  • 5. Citizen Scientist data base acknowledgment
  • 6. Exploring Biomimicry – natures design
  • 7. Logistics connect with future tech
  • 8. Breaking ground with sustainable resources
  • 9. DK&B field initiatives – Printable Certificate


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“Cultivating our heartfelt journey through Divine Wisdom… and Love”