Ladybird Love

Ladybug Love . . . A yearlong celebration for the ladybug all around
the world. Ours is NYS’s 1989 adoption of the Nine-spotted
ladybird. Our ladybugs are a threaten and endangered species, some
others in her species of beetles are near extinction. . . . Her story is
revealed more along our fashion ensembles.

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“Ladybird”, “Ladybug”,


Maybe known by many names, but truth be told this beautiful
insect is Loved by many at times,andmore often than not by
others, during the winter season.

* * * * * * *

Ladybeetle Love

As we Celebrate Creation, we also draw on awareness towards
the season of change, . . . for the ladybug as her winter season
will approach, for many who may find her
invasive within their homes.
Consider seeking alternative ecofriendly green solutions, or light
vacuum and environment release for removing
them from your dwelling. In Spring
more ladybugs will resurface to
replenish our gardens, and parks

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Ladybug Love

See you in the “Spring” ladybug

Be sure to lend your support at one of NYC Ladybug Restoration
Events hosted by Community support groups in Spring 2021

Styling Fun Picks

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