Our Sustainable City in the Future

How Do You Envision It?

It’s Your Sustainable Lifestyle...Journey On

Our planet is truly amazing. From its breathtaking skies above to the land we live on. It yields its bounty and gives us so much to love.


Today's generation has changed dramatically, it is a time in which all individuals are faced with the awareness of global issues, the impact and depletion our of earth's resources alone is quite unbearable. For many of us our primary focus and direction will be to live more sustainable and the activity of it is “looming” everywhere.

As we overcome the challenges and hurdles, we face today in time we will not only benefit from the positive changes, but our overall health will improve tremendously and enhance our livelihood.

Highlights At Going Beyond

It goes without saying, . . .we have some of the most beautiful city views of our landscapes, rivers, canyons and countryside's within the U.S.A.

Our country has always displayed some of the most beautiful flower gardens you'd ever want to see across America and we still do today. A incredible wonderful variety of gardens in all shapes and sizes can be found in within the New York City area. Manicured front lawns, back yard flower beds and with good measure some displays of beehives are found gracing beautiful gardens in an effort to help bee colonies survive, many of the gardens thrive in scale of efficiency, including vegetable gardens.

The undertaking of growing a variety of foods without harmful chemicals has proven to be a major challenge in our world today. The different paths taken in urban farming, including aquaponics fish farming will be met with some pros and cons, along with some high and low points. We can now say we are looking at a promising future in growth, of urban markets and sustainable greener cities.

Today we are on the verge of witnessing a rapid rise of sustainable resources, programs and networking that are streaming into our urban communities. Farmers markets in NYC and in other states continued to spring up in various locations throughout America as they prosper and thrive in growth and production, untainted by harmful chemicals and pesticides.

NYC and other states have remodeled their schools’ breakfast - lunch program. Community organizations have also partnered with local farmers and have created educational food base programs on growing fresh produce. Many programs engage the children in sustainable gardening principles and hands on activities they can grow with. Organizations encourage children, teens and families to continue to participate with its ongoing efforts to keep fresh produce sponsored cooking and gardening programs in the urban communities “alive and thriving “.

It seems Old ways are New ways today, which can be a great addition to shaping our Green Cities. Many people are loving and getting acquainted with permaculture, . . . other groups of people are becoming more familiar and gravitating to the curiosity of aquaponics on a large scale.

Permaculture can be viewed as another sustaining method in agriculture that has been quickly rising also in popularity amongst cities across the U.S. It reflects a combination of the practices of agriculture, design principles and patterns of natural ecosystems, many are very interesting. Ever spot one or two in your neighborhood?

Living Life

In ancient civilization various cultures adapted to different types of aquaculture fishing systems. Their methods helped communities harvest and catch fish, shell fish, including other type of crustaceans. In the late 1970’s conventional aquaculture techniques were developed resulting in what is known as hydroponics. Hydroponics can be a better fit in how our culture and society lives today, although the use of this system has been around for quite some time. . . today it’s quickly becoming a system businesses and organizations are looking to tap into.


Is a very, sustainable, and efficient method of harvesting fish. There are huge challenges in this area today that can make or break fish farming. Networking and team effort can play a major part in addressing problematic issues with fish farming. In the future bigger and better ideas can be the very catalyst and driving force helping cities become more lucrative in this market.


Community restaurants love providing diners with nothing but the best. Owners not only want to create and serve scrumptious meals, they have taking the sustainable journey, engaging in partnerships or networking with local farmers using fresh produce, the best local farmers have to offer in their dishes.A level up from farm-to-table can be very rewarding, owners are always excited to provide consumers with the best meal ever. Many restaurants want diners to have the full experience and pleasure of eating meals incorporating the use of produce from their restaurant's own private gardens.

A select few have sort to add hydroponic agriculture systems that use soil free technology. This technology is extremely more efficient as it is sustainable. Some rooftop gardens are not just home to herbs and other greens, but beehives have found a home too. Restaurant owners are not only helping bee species to survive, fresh honey from bee colonies is used in certain meals and can spruce up beverages. Diners will enjoy more heartier tasting salads, and meals while learning about sustainable gardening via a restaurant's menu, for the ultimate dining experience.


Families "Blossom" in Sustainable Cities


All residents in the U.S. no matter who they are or where they reside desire to live, a safe happy carefree life especially today, as residents just want to live cost effectively. Seeking to become more responsible, towards sustainability not only just in their homes, but in serving and supporting sustainable efforts within the communities they live. Renovations of house structures and all buildings statewide must be brought up to code.

In time newly, built dwellings will flourish across the country, and younger families will have the privilege to thrive and live in smart efficient greener cities.

Our nations intended path to sustainability paints a wonderful picturesque view of greener cities, but there is an underlying flip side, a path many may not see so clearly. Different paths along this journey reveal, many residents are paying a dire cost in the appeal to smart living.

A projected view of the next few years, is plain to see residents as well as potential business will continue to juggle the highs and lows of market rents. As inflation drives the cost of living up, thoughts on affordable living and the desire to live in any city within the U.S., has presented itself to be a real challenge.

Informative future content will target the rising concerns economic displacement plays, when gentrification is present in the real estate development market. Despite anyone's ethnic background or income status, the impact it is having on residents in NYC and across our nation is very real.

Aha. . .yes, our products !

Let’s take a closer look

Many consumers just love their products especially when is comes to beauty aid items, people love the smell, texture, ease of use and convenience our products deliver. Today we still have a longstanding issue concerning our brands.

The very nature of our beauty aid products, our basic essentials we use for daily grooming are called into question. Many food related products have consumers today taking a double look at their ingredients.

Review On Brands

Placing product items under review. A look at their chemical makeup. Ever wonder about your favorite brands?

Lined up are a list of products that will eventually be called into question. Our general focus will take aim at the chemical makeup and breakdown of product items. For a long time, consumers have placed a demand on items they would like to see made of a better quality and that many other type of products also retain their durability. Emphasis will be placed on a variety of products, for sustainability and its decomposition which are key factors for many products today, mainly for textiles and household furnishings from tv's to appliances, including cars, technology, and more.

We’ll begin to address key topics and focus on harmful ingredients found in beauty aid products and consider what are some better alternatives. Are manufactures making consumer products sound in their structure, reliable and safely built for endurance and longevity? What products are ecofriendly in nature, and would require them to be labeled certified sustainable from its place of origin?

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