“Rock Out & Rock Creation"

. . .


Watch Love

Let's Celebrate a

Created Earth

Let your clothing attire express your Style in support of "Creation", as we walk in our Stewardship in support of our, Animal kingdom, Endangered Species, and Sustaining Earth's Resources

Will You "Represent Your State" ??

Fashion Celebrates

Everything is Beautiful

. . . and Wonderfully Made


Insects are beautiful in their own right

Insects play a major role on earth, thrеаtѕ tо insects now have become more problematic; іnсluding hаbіtаt dеѕtruсtіоn, dіѕрlасеmеnt bу іntrоduсеd ѕресіеѕ, аltеrаtіоn оf habitat bу сhеmісаl pollutants реѕtісіdеѕ, hуbrіdіzаtіоn wіth other species, and оvеr-hаrvеѕtіng.


Marine Life


Bring “Humbled Hearts" to the door...

leaving vanity & pride on the floor...and Celebrate

“How do you get dressed”?

* * *

Love Speaks

(love the WORD. . . want to hear more ?) -
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How Do You “Get Dressed” ?
Love Speaks, . . .Let Us Be A Reminder


Love Speaks

There are times we all “may fall short of the Glory “ . . . Let us take in the joyful sweet reminder in our hearts of God’s Love, His Word and deed; let our Hearts then be an expression of this Great Love outwards, of His Righteousness, and Truth to the World Amen.

How do you “Get Dressed”?

To the many having received the Salvation and Grace of our Lord, having been cleansed Reborn and Renewed, walking in the Living Word; with our whole heart mind & our bodies… we are to be a living sacrifice to our God.

Before scenting our bodies with water, perfume or cologne, adorning our lips with hues of color, our fingers and hands of paint and metals of silver or gold, yes before we put on our clothing and shoes.

Let Us Be A Reminder To One Another . . .

We are the “Sweet Smell of Perfume of Our Lord God” Let our whole heart be always filled with His Love, Knowing that Our hands where created as they are lifted up to give Him Praise & Glory, and to do good works in the earth. Our lips anointed with the living Word of Truth of the Gospel. In prayer that our robes lovingly be found without winkle, stain or blemish; in that our feet seek to be guided on the Narrow Path; for His Word will forever be as a lamp before our feet in the power and Glory of the Holy Spirit. Put on the whole armor of God Amen ~

Love Speaks, in your heart. . . Elaborate,
How Do You “Get Dressed” ?


Animals We Love

And God saw everything that he had made and behold it was very good.
* * * * * * *

Love Is A Steward’s Journey

Endanger Animals

Love Lives in

All Of Us

Endangered Species

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Fashion Meets Nature




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Celebration of Creation is a step towards shining a light in the heart of every individual. When we are enlightened and teach our children, we are letting them know they have a Divine Right to acknowledge the Created Earth they live in. Love will lead them to be truly amazed and astounded at what God has Created; and with great joy and understanding take in the reward that will come as they are guided along their life’s journey.

Ladies Come Peep ~ Your Toe

Pretty feet ~ Celebrate Creation

“Creation is all about Divine
Love . . .
& Loving Creation is Divine”